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Tips & FAQ

1. How can I write a good application?

Match your skills and interests to jobs you're excited about. Focus on your cover letter and CV and how you frame your achievements. For example, align your skills and experience with the job description and be specific about projects you’ve worked on or managed. If you've assumed a leadership role and style, tell us about the size of the team, your leadership style and the cross-functional relationships you've built. If you're a recent university graduate or have limited work experience, include examples of school-related projects or coursework that demonstrate relevant skills and knowledge

2. What documents or pieces of information do I need when filling in the application?

You will be asked to include a CV in the application form as well as information regarding your education, work experience and skills. It is important to fill in all the information you find relevant since it will be visible on your candidate profile. We suggest sending attachments in PDF format. 

3. How can I know that my job application has been received?

A confirmation email will be sent automatically to the email address you indicated on the application form. Make sure to type in your email address correctly.

While we would like to be able to connect with every applicant, we regret that the volume of applications we receive on a global scale does not always allow us to personally contact everyone who applies.

4. Can I submit an open application?

At the moment, we are not able to receive open applications. We encourage you, however, to review and apply directly for the current job openings that are listed online. We also recommend you to set up Job Alerts to receive automated emails about Neste's job openings.

5. Do I need to attach a photograph to my job application?

There is no need for you to attach a photo to your resume or CV.

6. How is the interview process at Neste?

Our competencies-based interviewing process is intended to help us minimize unconscious bias while also making sure we hire people who will thrive in our environment and culture. The recruitment process usually includes one or two interviews, but the number of interviews varies on a case-by-case basis. Quite often we highlight the interview schedule for the first interview round in the job posting.

During the interview we will ask you to describe the type of projects you have previously worked on, the scale of those projects, what level of collaboration was involved as well as the outcome. We focus on how instead of what. And for sure, we always ask: Why do you want to work for Neste?

7. Do you use aptitude assessment as a part of the interview process?

Yes, we may use aptitude assessments as a part of our recruitment process. Timewise, the aptitude test takes place between the first and second interview, and its results are utilized and discussed in the second round of interviews and the final decision-making. The aptitude test provides a third party’s perspective to the candidates, their motivation and suitability assessed against the specified criteria, as well as a view of the candidates’ development potential and suitability for the team and working community at Neste.

The assessment is combined with an ability test, a self-assessed personality test, and questionnaires and interviews mapping a candidate’s motivation, commitment and development potential.

8. How do you use personal data at Neste?

From a candidate’s point of view, you have the opportunity to manage your own personal data through Neste's recruitment portal. You can change, update or delete your data at any time.

We might use aptitude assessment and/or video interviews as a part of our recruitment campaign. If needed, you can request our service providers to give you further information concerning your personal data, for example, involving the aptitude assessments and/or video interviews. Video interviews will be stored for 12 months. If needed, you can request RecRight to delete your video and personal account by contacting them directly;

For further questions, please visit our Privacy site