2020 Successes in Asia Pacific

Despite the disruptions of Covid-19, different entities of Neste in the Asia Pacific region achieved many successes together. Listen to what our leaders in the Asia Pacific Region say. 

Kenneth Lim, General Manager/Site Director, Neste Singapore Refinery
"Neste Singapore Refinery achieved its annual production record in 2020 despite the disruptions of Covid-19 and our scheduled maintenance shutdown activities"
Kenneth Lim, General Manager/Site Director, Neste Singapore Refinery
Petri Jokinen - 2020 successes
"Despite the disruptions caused by Covid-19 pandemic, the Neste Singapore Expansion Project continues safely with new ways of working, and creative thinking to solve all issues that we have never experienced before".
Petri Jokinen, Director, Neste Singapore Expansion Project
Eero Stahlberg - 2020 successes
“We incorporated Neste Asia Pacific new legal entity, to be the hub of Neste’s commercial activities in the APAC region. In 2020, we demonstrated the resilience of our feedstock supply chain and took further steps in securing supply growth to meet both short- and long-term volume demand”.
Eero Stahlberg, General Manager, Neste Asia Pacific
Jennifer Jiang
“As a young team started at the end of 2019, Neste China team successfully incorporated the legal entity in China in 2020, completed the team recruitment, and built a solid network in feedstock sourcing.”
Jennifer Jiang, General Manager, Neste China