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Renewable and Recyclable Chemicals

In the Renewable and Recyclable Chemicals (RRC) industry our vision is to reduce Your carbon emissions and increase Your renewable carbon content and material recycling rate.

In the Renewable and Recyclable Chemicals (RRC) industry our vision is to reduce Your carbon emissions and increase Your renewable carbon content and material recycling rate through flexible process design, licensing or developing and upscaling new processes and technologies together. This certainly comes natural to us having an Owner (Neste) who is the third most sustainable company globally. For the RRC industries we provide technology and engineering solutions that help replacing virgin fossil feedstock in the production of chemicals. Our current customer base in this industry segment covers, among others, brand owners, chemical companies, pulp and paper companies and start-up companies.  


Environment    First-of-kind processes to serve Renewable and Recyclable Industries

At Neste Engineering Solutions we have a successful and unique track record in designing first-of-kind processes and plants in the renewables space – spanning over all industry segments we serve – including crude tall oil fractionation technology (NEXPINUS™), woody biomass gasification demonstration plant (Biomass-to-liquid, “BtL”), microbial conversion of lignocellulosic biomass to oil, enzyme fermentation processes and xylose sugar plants, amongst others. Today, our vast know-how from these speciality bio-based and thermochemical unit processes can be combined with our hydrocarbon industry process know-how to develop new solutions for lignocellulosic chemicals companies, sustainable polymers and chemicals industries, liquified waste plastics and municipal solid waste processing. 

In addition to our ability to develop and implement first-of-kind processes, central to Neste Engineering Solutions is also the ability to integrate these often novel unit processes into a complete end-to-end process with the necessary utilities and effluent treatment units. These critical and costly functions are oftentimes overseen in new technology development projects emphasizing the need for a competent multi-industry and technology-oriented process integrator and coordinator such as Neste Engineering Solutions.


Distillation    Technology licensing

Neste Engineering Solutions has its own technologies which we license to various applications ranging from clean fuel to tall oil components. Specifically within the RRC segment, technology licensing can include NEXDES™ for vacuum distillation for purification purposes of chemicals as well as NEXSAT™, typically used for olefin  hydrogenization and isomerization. In the NEXETHERS™ process, tertiary iso-olefins and alcohol react to ethers in the presence of a catalyst.


Partnership    Collaboration

In addition to providing licensing and Your typical pre-engineering through basic engineering and detailed engineering up to EPCM (Engineering Procurement and Construction Management) and start-up of chemical plants (engineering services), we enjoy working in close collaboration with companies’ R&D organizations at an early stage of design. This often includes rough cost estimation and concept engineering. We often have helped to speed up development and up-scaling via simulation and deep chemical process know-how, originating from our vast refinery heritage. Also this type of development needs to be taken into account when assessing the full investment cost of a plant to be running a new or revamped process with an unknown concept. Exciting areas of current activity at an early stage of concept engineering, where we also validate and verify third party technologies, in e.g. a technology advisory role, are for instance textile recycling, carbon capture and utilization (CCU) and new protein side streams.