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We believe in people who want to make a difference, yet prioritize safety and sustainability in their hearts, minds and actions. We empower our people to push their imagination and potential. We are passionate about creating a healthier planet for our children.

Be a difference maker. Be part of Neste’s expansion plans in Singapore for a once in a lifetime learning and development opportunity. Look out for over 100 vacancies across a range of functions at our Career pages.


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A healthier planet starts with a healthy work environment.

Beyond competitive salaries, our difference makers enjoy attractive health and wellness benefits, good leadership practices, safe work procedures, and professional development opportunities with regular feedback. At Neste we believe our employees should feel good while doing good work.

Commercial Operations

Keeping things smooth. Our Supply Chain and Logistical roles help to manage the day-to-day commercial relationships with Neste's partners and suppliers.

Production & Operations

A passion for people and processes. At the front lines to ensure optimal operability, these roles are critical in the maintenance, efficiency and safety of refinery operations.

Engineering & Projects

Creative thinkers and doers. Be part of our high-quality technology and engineering services, including construction and project management for the oil & gas, petrochemicals and bio-industries.

Business Enabler

Unlocking an innovation mindset. Covering HR, Procurement, Business Development, Marketing, PR and more, these roles improve our systems, processes and practices.