Chen Yu Lin

Process Engineer

'Difference Maker'


“After spending time doing research as part of my Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering. I knew I wanted to do something that not only would provide more mental stimulation, but also allow me to develop tangible skills,” said Chen Yu Lin. “I wanted to expand my knowledge in the field so I decided to take up a Master’s in Industrial Chemistry.”


This proved to be an inspired decision. After graduation, he did his Master’s thesis and internship with Neste and was subsequently converted to a full-time employee.


Now a Process Engineer with Neste, Yu Lin spends his time optimising the renewable refinery to ensure high operational availability, productivity, flexibility and safety. He also conducted test runs and identified bottlenecks that could compromise the production process. “My day-to-day is vastly different from what I was learning in university. Neste, as a pioneer in this industry, is constantly working on new technologies and exposed to new challenges every day. It’s a refreshing change of pace,” he adds.


He shares more thoughts below:


Q: If you had a message for potential Neste employees, what would it be?

A: Believe in the direction and vision of the company. What Neste is doing – producing renewable diesel from waste – is revolutionary. Climate change is one of the world’s most pressing problems and Neste is helping to solve it while furthering Singapore’s green agenda. On top of that, the renewable diesel produced here needs no further processing; it can go straight from plant to pump and into your vehicle!


Q: What do you feel is the Neste differentiator?

A: There are numerous opportunities for learning and upgrading one’s skills. We are sent for courses that help us perform our roles more effectively. All Neste employees are exposed to a wide variety of tasks beyond our job scope – making us more versatile and adaptable to handle a range of situations.