Raymond Soh

Shift Superintendent

'Difference Maker'


Safety is at the top of Shift Superintendent Raymond Soh’s priority list every day at Neste, and in every part of his life. “I spent 12 years in the Air Force, but I wouldn't say it’s worlds apart from my role at Neste. With every instruction that we give, and every task that we undertake, we ensure that safety of all individuals involved in the process is accounted for”, says the ex-Republic of Singapore Air Force specialist.


Raymond’s job puts him in an important, yet humbling position. Looking after the shift changes of a busy refinery and ensuring that employees’ spirits are high when they clock in or end their shift means that Raymond is constantly in sync with his team, and takes the effort to check in with them regularly. “Employee care, welfare and autonomy is deeply embedded into our work culture. I think that’s why we love working here.”


The other great part of Raymond’s job, according to him? “The pantry,” he laughs. “It has everything I need, especially those old-school biscuits that are quintessentially Singaporean and remind me of the good old days. By the way, the pantry goes through a regular menu refresh based on staff feedback. It’s these small, thoughtful touches that really make our day.”


He shares more thoughts below:


Q: Why do you think Singapore is important to Neste?

A: Neste currently has a renewable products production capacity of 2.9 million tons annually, of which over one million tons are produced in Singapore. Singapore is a very central location with easy access to product and feedstock flows, key sources of Neste’s renewable diesel. As a Singaporean, I’m personally proud that Neste chose Singapore because it shows how we are recognised as a powerful and strategic hub for global businesses.


Q: How has working at Neste influenced you positively?

A: The nature of my job is that every new day brings new challenges, which keeps me on my toes. It prevents me from getting too comfortable with my work to the point where I’m uninspired and unmotivated. I feel positive when I step into work every day.