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Neste is one of the largest UCO buyers and renewable fuel producers in the world. Neste currently has a renewable products production capacity of 2.7 million tons annually. Of this total, over one million is produced in Singapore, the same amount in Rotterdam in the Netherlands and the rest in Porvoo, Finland.

As part of our growth, we are continuously searching for new feedstock suppliers to join our growing network. We convert your used cooking oil to renewable fuels that power the world and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

DISCLAIMER: Neste does not provide waste or used cooking oil collection services. If you are a small generator of used cooking oil, we advise contacting your local waste management company or used cooking oil collector. Learn more about Neste

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Sustainability is at the heart of all we do

We aim for lowest possible emissions

We are in the business of fighting climate change

We help our customers in the transport sector and cities, as well as in the aviation, polymers and chemical sectors to make their business more sustainable.
Raw materials sourcing

Raw materials sourcing at Neste

Sustainability of the raw materials used in the production of renewable fuels is a minimum requirement for all Neste suppliers.
Sustainability policies and principles

Neste sustainability policies and principles

We are committed to operating ethically and complying with the legislation of each country in which we operate, and we require the same from our partners. Learn more about Neste sustainability policies and principles.