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Way Forward - for the good of business and workplace

The Way Forward way of working originated in 2013. We asked our personnel what we are good at, how we should develop our ways of working, and which ways of working should be abandoned to be able to respond to changes in the market, reach our objectives, and maintain our position as a pioneer.

Five important themes were chosen on the basis of the results to develop in our operations:

  • Focus on customers
  • Improve cooperation
  • Give and take responsibility
  • Value good results and react when needed
  • We work safely and professionally: always and everywhere

Change in the operating culture

A company changes when the people working there change. Therefore, each Neste employee has made a public commitment of how they are going to develop their own ways of working. The change in the operating culture is monitored by way of personal performance reviews and development discussions, as well as through a company-level monitoring survey.

The Way Forward way of working is an integral part of implementing the strategy. The strategy indicates the focus areas of our business. Way Forward is our way of implementing things in our everyday work in a business-oriented way and according to our values. The Way Forward commitments also strengthen the significance of one's work and its effect on the targets of the company, unit, and team.

With the Way Forward way of working, we are aiming for an ever more profitable, customer-oriented, and safe Neste where people feel good.