Surveys and polls for gathering employee insight

We conduct need-based people surveys on demand, instead of tying them into predetermined schedules, to ensure flexible and adaptive data gathering. Flexible and fast pulses are used to follow-up specific issues and areas. 

According to a pulse survey conducted at the end of 2017 but the results of which became available in the beginning of 2018, 84% of our employees felt positive about both Neste strategy and safety. 86% had clear understanding of the strategy, and 92% believed in company’s outstanding future. Strategy results remained strong, 13% above global benchmark. Safety results also exceeded global benchmark and improved by 3% from 2016 survey.

A more comprehensive personnel survey is conducted every other year, in order to capture a broader view on personnel development matters, and to collect benchmark information from other companies and industries. The most recent is from January 2019, the results of which will be included in our 2019 report. 

We have further developed our methods for analyzing data from our personnel surveys. We aim to define cause-effect relationships between certain indicators and people behavior to be able to anticipate and identify risks, and intervene in a timely manner with recommendations and actions. The new tool provides real-time dashboards for line managers and predictive insights and cross-survey analytics for smarter decision making.