People safety

We want to make sure that all of our employees and partners return home in good health after a day's work. We believe that all accidents can be prevented, and the only way to go is towards our goal of zero accidents.

We continuously develop people safety through the improvement of working conditions and by training our and our partners' personnel. We annually invest tens of millions of euros in safety.

Towards zero through prevention

The most efficient way of tackling safety risks is to foresee accidents. Therefore, our focus lies on preventive safety work, and we annually make tens of thousands of preventive safety measures, such as observation rounds and safety discussions.

Life Saving rules

All of our employees are expected to always follow our five Life-saving rules to prevent serious incidents.  

TRIF is an indicator of accidents that have taken place

We monitor our safety performance with the Total Recordable Injury Frequency (TRIF) per million hours worked. Our personnel safety reporting covers refineries, terminals, offices, and retail country companies that are either wholly or majority-owned by Neste. In addition to our employees, safety data reporting also covers service providers, contractors, and haulage partners.