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Process safety – processes that work are of benefit to everyone

By taking care of process safety we can ensure the incident-free operation of our processes and the safe work of our people. Efficient processes are also good for the environment; there are no leaks, and emissions keep within required limits.

Our starting point is to identify the risks of various production processes in advance and to prevent accidents. Good plant maintenance, the professional operation of said plant, and carefully considered technical changes are the foundation of process safety. Authorities and inspection bodies regularly audit our operating methods, and we also make internal audits.

Contact with authorities at refinery locations is important with regards to ensuring process safety. We continuously collaborate and prepare contingency plans with rescue authorities.

PSER is an indicator of our process safety performance

We measure our process safety performance using Concawe-defined PSERs (Process Safety Events Rate). These define process safety levels and measure the number of incidents that take place in processes per million hours worked.