Who we are

Cleaner solutions are at the core of our strategy

We have two strategic targets: we want to seek growth in the global renewable markets and be the champion in the Baltic Sea area. Our competitive advantages diffrentiate us from our competitors and our strategic targets are founded on these strengths.

1. Global renewable growth

Neste is the global leader in the renewable diesel market, and wants to develop significant business from non-traffic renewable product markets by the end of the decade. 

Neste has developed unique competitive advantages in flexible feedstock supply, global supply chain, and drop-in solutions offered for our customers. It continues to drive additional margin increase through feedstock flexibility, including the achieved capability to use 100% share of waste and residue feedstock, productivity growth, and product value maximization.

Neste sees great potential in many new application areas such as chemicals and plastics, where it can provide distinct advantages. Neste has already announced first partnerships in bio-based plastics and solvents. It intends to continue way forward with some of the leading global brand owners to create unique bio-plastics and an ecosystem around them. Neste targets to have 20% of its renewable business sales volume from non -traffic applications by 2020. This will also include our solutions for the aviation industry.

Neste's target is to add renewables' production capacity to 4 million tons by 2022.

2. Baltic Sea champion

Neste aims to be the leading provider of low carbon solutions in the Baltic Sea markets. It has a unique offering combining both fossil and renewable products. It strives to be the company with the highest customer satisfaction, the best services and focuses on growth opportunities.

Neste continues its efforts to enhance additional refining margin, which decreases its exposure to market changes. The additional margin target is set at higher than USD 5.5/bbl, and it will be achieved by performance improvement actions focusing on safety, availability and cost, continuous asset development, and strengthening market position.

Neste will focus on taking full advantage of the integrated value chain and leveraging captive sales volumes through its own network.

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