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A growing need for biochemicals

As the market has evolved, we’ve been helping develop bio-based and green chemical processes. We know how to send renewable feedstock through biomass fractionation by gasification, cracking and fermentation; purify and dehydrate it with one or more of distillation, evaporation, precipitation and crystallization; then, if needed, send it to a polymerization process. Our own research, coupled with a deep understanding of chemical engineering, means we can help you grow in a more long-term, sustainable biochemicals industry.

With us, you have access to highly advanced simulation tools that help identify feasible technical solutions and optimal operational modes. Our range of technical solutions includes ARxPINUS for tall oil production, and NAPCON automation fitted for more general process optimization. We carefully tailor a unique solution ideal for your particular applications.

Whether you are new to biochemicals or well-established, we can help you take your research project out of the laboratory and into full-scale commercial viability. From simple advice on HSE to full engineering or project management, work with us as you build a new plant, improve your existing facility, or co-develop a brand new technology. We offer you the double-expert knowledge of both petroleum and biochemistry that leads to new ways of working.


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  • Engineering and project services
  • Health, safety and environment
  • Investment material service

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