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At Neste Engineering Solutions, we know food and feed. For decades, we have been planning facilities for food industry companies and animal feed manufacturers. Such plants rely on a high level of expertise to design complex processes that produce edible oils, natural sweeteners (e.g. xylose and xylitol, sucrose, glucose, fructose and sugar syrups), beverages active food ingredients (e.g. esters and sterols), industrial enzymes for feed applications and other products in demand. They must comply with strict GMP requirements for hygienic production and cleanliness, and simultaneously be flexible enough to utilize various feedstocks and valorize all side streams for best possible plant profitability.

We maximize the production capacity and energy efficiency of your plant. Our design is based on the process solution combined with sophisticated automation solution and layout. Depending on the key selection criteria such as maturity of the process, availability of equipment, location and schedule the dimensioning of the key equipment can be based either on integration of equipment skids or individual equipment. In addition to our extensive process simulation and modelling capabilities our process optimization technology NAPCON is a valuable tool in the complex task of factory integration.

Combining our unique multidisciplinary knowledge, including a comprehensive understanding of biopharma and biorefining, we can provide you with innovative end-to-end engineering services for food and feed industries. We thoroughly understand the industry processes, so your new or existing plant will have quality designed into it. Our track record showcases our skills in core process development, aseptic design, and competence in several unit operations including fermentation, crystallization, evaporation, extraction, filtration, centrifugation, deodorization, stripping, pastillation, bleaching and many others.


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