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Oil refining

Improving production

At Neste Engineering Solutions, we know oil refining. For over 60 years, our process engineers have been leading experts in complex crude oil refinery processes, including distillation, fractionation and hydrocracking, and understand how to get the best results – gasolines, diesel fuel, jet fuel, lubricating oils, bitumen, and other petroleum products. Globally, we are the preferred solution provider for the hydrocarbon industry.

Our mission is to improve the performance of your oil refinery. Working with licensors but still independent, our long experience tells us what is best to leverage your current technology. Our own modern simulation and process automation solutions such as NAPCON further help you fine-tune your current refining processes and even more closely integrate them for better production flow, energy efficiency, and lowering long-term costs.

We offer you full-chain understanding of the industry – from delivery to the refinery to downstream petroleum distribution. This in-depth knowledge gives us the insight for any project from traditional refining to the introduction of bio-based feedstocks or co-processing. We take you from the initial concept of a new facility, to front-end studies, basic engineering, and full EPCM services. We are renowned for projects that are on budget, on schedule, and above expectations.


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