Integrate and adapt forwards

At Neste Engineering Solutions, we have a long history in the petrochemicals industry has given us unparalleled expertise in petrochemical processing, all the way from crude oil to marketable products – especially steam cracking, polyolefin, aromatics and PTA production.

For example, existing steam crackers can be upgraded for greater capacity and flexibility by utilizing Neste Engineering Solutions know-how even without licensor involvement. With our NAPCON solutions, you can increase profitability, even with your existing assets, without major investments. Our process knowledge gives us special insights into new plant design, troubleshooting and revamps by using advanced process modelling with our proprietary property data. We understand the big picture. Integration within both your plant and your site is a key part of your success.

With expert personnel in all key engineering fields, we can provide that integration in services and solutions for both greenfield and revamp projects. Because we understand the science behind the process, our designs are more cost-efficient to both construct and operate. You get the convenience and value of full engineering services from one provider.


  • Consulting
  • Engineering and project services
  • Health, safety and environment
  • Investment material service