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Customer references: Consulting

Testing the viability of synthetic gas

Gasum is a Finnish company involved in the processing and distribution of natural gas and biogas for energy production, industry, homes and transport. It is the Nordic region’s leading supplier of biogas. Kemira is a Finnish chemicals company serving customers globally in water-intensive industries such as pulp and paper, oil and gas, and water treatment. The City of Lappeenranta has a population of about 73,000 people, and is located in the south-east of Finland.

Lappeenranta is renowned for its commitment to clean energy and as an urban centre with a high level of respect for the environment. In 2017, the city administrators, along with commercial enterprises Gasum and Kemira, wanted to examine the technical and economic feasibility of a synthetic gas production plant. The idea was to develop the production and use of clean energy in the region.

Neste Engineering Solutions conducted the techno-economic feasibility study. The main concept was based on utilizing the byproduct and flue gas streams from local industry and redirecting them to the methanation plant for further processing. In addition, if the methanation plant were to be implemented to scale, with an annual production of 18-28 MW, it would be the largest gas plant in the world producing synthetic methane from hydrogen and carbon dioxide. This would bring Lappeenranta a lot of international attention, with beneficial side effects for investment and tourism.

To achieve these results, Neste Engineering Solutions delivered:

  • Preliminary concept design
  • Related investment and operating cost estimates

Key customer benefits

  • understanding of the concept of a methanation plant and its costs
  • growing domestic and international reputation in cleantech

Leading the way to a renewable future

Established in 1998, Posintra is a regional development company based in eastern Uusimaa, Southern Finland. It supports the competitiveness of the business sector in the region. The organisation is owned by local government, business and industry, as well as educational and financial institutions. It offers business development and advisory services, and participates in international research and development projects, particularly in the cleantech area.

In 2015, Posintra initiated a project to create a common understanding and vision, followed by an action plan, to stimulate the cooperation between companies in the oil refining and petrochemical industry cluster in Kilpilahti as this area of business continues to move towards energy efficiency, biofuels, and a circular economy.

The role of Neste Engineering Solutions in the project was to survey the future plans and service needs of each company situated in the Kilpilahti area and to compile an integrated material and energy balance for the whole Kilpilahti industrial cluster. They also helped to form a multidisciplinary network of private and public organisations around the area with a common vision and plan to make the area into a value-adding, world-leading industrial park for the bio and circular economy. The two-year programme has also facilitated dialogue, cooperation and joint projects in the area, with benefits from each other’s industrial side streams and investigation into ways to utilize the excess heat created in oil refining and petrochemicals processing.

To achieve these results, Neste Engineering Solutions delivered:

  • assessment of the stakeholder’s future plans and service needs
  • aggregated material and energy balance of plants operating in Kilpilahti and analysis of related industrial opportunities
  • development forum between local companies
  • organisational networking
  • technical guidance

Key customer benefits

  • stakeholders have a common vision
  • valuable input information for investment and growth in local business
  • contribution at national and international level
  • clear path forward to develop Kilpilahti