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Engineering and Project Services

Engineering for every purpose

In all our engineering, the safety of our operations and the quality of our service are our highest priorities.

At Neste Engineering Solutions, we are experts in site engineering projects, from feasibility studies to basic engineering (BE), front-end engineering design (FEED), commissioning and start-up. For the implantation project our approach is to go with engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) services. We are also happy to join forces with your own experts for a more collaborative approach.

Using our proprietary NAPCON products we can boost your production capacity with very little disruption to your operations, and with innovative technical solutions, we can streamline your processes and optimize your production. For a larger change, we can revamp your plant to meet the changed conditions, or overhaul your entire facility in a turnaround program.



Neste Engineering Solutions can provide you with all the required services from the idea and your plant start up and beyond.

We can provide all the engineering services you need, taking care of your concept design, feasibility study, basic engineering and front-end engineering design (FEED), and when you are ready, full EPCM services, right up to commissioning and handover. Suitable for any site development project, be it a new plant, a modernization, capacity increase, or technical additions, we provide high-level engineering across all major process industries. Our cooperative, multidisciplinary approach gives us the unique ability to maximize your process efficiency and fully integrate your project with planned or existing facilities and infrastructure.

Building on 60 years of engineering experience, we manage your project with our own special project model called ProMo5. It features a strong business and teamwork orientation, maximizing efficiency and scalability while emphasizing safety and quality in every project. Our highly-skilled workforce uses the latest design software for processes, equipment, automation and plant life cycle data management to address your specific requirements.


As old technology wears out and new technology improves, turnaround will eventually be necessary in your plant, and unfortunately, it will interrupt the operations at your facility. However, with our long experience of engineering and project services, we can deliver a professional and efficient turnaround project, so you can get back to production as soon as possible. We start by helping you carefully define what you want to do with the turnaround to meet your targets. Whatever your needs, good planning helps mitigate risks, optimize execution and streamline the entire project.

Neste Engineering Solutions knows that each turnaround is different. To be successful, it must be based on your business strategy and optimizing the life cycle of your valuable assets. We can offer you a systematic approach that combines the highest level of engineering competence, a deep knowledge of maintenance and investment, and a detailed understanding of project management. Our skilled experts keep it on schedule, minimize downtime, and help you leverage the full potential of your turnaround.

Commissioning and start up

Neste Engineering Solutions commissioning and start-up services help you take your new facility from a mechanically complete building to a productive, operating plant.

After construction, we enter the pre-commissioning phase, with on-site testing and a check of mechanical completion. The commissioning phase comes next, with functional testing, including the SIS, for the full safety of your personnel. We also cover punch lists, overall inspection and clearance. Our comprehensive approach ensures nothing gets forgotten on your project.

When our commissioning team hands over your plant, you can look forward to a safe, efficient and on-schedule start-up. We provide you with operating and maintenance instructions written by the design engineers themselves, training and support on the equipment and automation fine-tuning as the processes reach production capacity. Yet our commitment to you does not end with start-up. We can continue to provide you with engineering support throughout the entire life cycle of your facility.

Debottlenecking and troubleshooting

Neste Engineering Solutions provides optimization services that help you maximize the productivity of your process units. Our extensive knowledge of unit integration helps you get the most out of your current assets by making operational changes and modifications to streamline your processes. Debottlenecking can raise your production capacity with only small alterations to your facility. Troubleshooting can minimize or eliminate recurrent problems that hinder production.

Modifications often lead to critical changes in operating conditions throughout your entire plant. Our experienced engineering team participates in all of your project phases and uses high-level technology to create simulations, calculate equipment requirements, and optimize energy use. Sophisticated automation software like NAPCON can transform your refinery by regulating processes, reducing the chance of human error and supplying vital information on the effectiveness of changes.

Owner's team

When you integrate Neste Engineering Solutions experts into your project team, you get all the support you need to make your investment project a complete success. You have access to our long professional experience and an enormous pool of resources, including our deep knowledge of project management, automation and process engineering, a network of trusted contractors worldwide, and our unique local-remote concept that leverages nearby resources for global impact. We know every site is different, and we tailor our collaborative services specifically to your requirements.

If you’re new to investment projects or you are starting up fresh business in a production area that is unfamiliar to you, we can help you focus on the important issues and guide you in the daily decision making that is crucial for successful project management. Our comprehensive know-how ensures the high quality of the result while completing your project on time and on budget. Working closely with you as a part of your own team, Neste Engineering Solutions experts are just like members of your organization. For us, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Project management consulting

Neste Engineering Solutions can help you achieve your investment objectives in both small- and large-scale site investment projects by running your entire project for you, all the way from initial concept to commissioning and start-up. Drawing on decades of experience and the talents of a diverse team of experts, our comprehensive project management consulting (PMC) services help you complete your project on time and on budget. Our offices around the world work together to integrate our expertise in HSE systems, risk management, procurement, and the engineering, that will guide your project to success.

We understand that you face constant challenges throughout your project, so our PMC team helps keep costs down and optimizes the use of your resources with a proven, focused approach. We have the capability to be onsite throughout the project lifecycle, because we know every site is different and local knowledge improves quality through accuracy. Besides face-to-face contact, we also facilitate communication between members of the PMC team and your own organization through several highly-advanced proprietary and licensed software tools. The right tools provide information, assist in understanding and help us make the right decisions with you.