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Health, Safety and Environment

Health, safety and environment is present in everything we do

Neste Engineering Solutions is committed to respect for the environment and protecting the health and safety of all people affected by our projects, including our own employees, customer personnel and other stakeholders, wherever we operate. This also means compliance with all applicable health, safety and environment (HSE) legal requirements and other adopted industry standards.

As a customer, you deserve the safety in your processes, and the best quality design and engineering work. We want to protect the health of people, keep the environment safe from emissions, save energy, and prevent property losses. Being your solution provider, we understand it is about the added value created through our delivery to you in terms of safety, environment, and quality. Safety is present in everything we do.

We try to exceed your expectations by constant improvement. This is a basic principle at Neste Engineering Solutions. Continuous development in all our activities makes our operations strong.

Sustainable business creates sustainable solutions, taking safety, environmental matters, and quality into account. Sustainable design leads to substantial savings throughout the life cycle of your investment. It benefits the health of both people and the environment and ensures the availability and reliability of your assets.

The proof of our performance lies in the consistently positive feedback we have received from many customers on this issue. Our knowledge and careful application of HSE standards and practices represent an unrivalled reputation for care and diligence in the field.

Our top management, leaders at every level and all our employees understand their responsibilities and are committed to health, safety, environmental and quality in our business.

We care about our people, the surrounding community and our world, and we live up to our commitments.