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ECOARM unloading device

Unload heavy oil easily

The main business of many of our customers is oil and oil products. Working with such a sensitive substance, you require careful handling to ensure product quality, maintain the safety of personnel, and meet environmental concerns. The ECOARM is a mechanical unloading device for rail tank cars that meets every one of these challenging requirements. It uses an innovative system to warm your oil before pumping without water or steam, and its design removes any need for underground oil channels. Automation and process control make it easy for you to operate and maintain.

The ECOARM is designed for flexibility. It is particularly good for high-viscose products like heavy fuel and lubricating oil, and those with low vapour pressure and cavitation problems, such as light condensates and crude oil. It is also ideal for chemicals that freeze at mild temperatures, like paraxylene. In addition, we tailor each installation to meet your particular needs. You can get unloading wagons with one or two tracks and a work radius of up to six meters. We optimize everything from your heat transfer capacity to the right level of automation for your specific operational conditions.

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