9 November 2012

Committed personnel lead to good performance

Written by Leena Suoninen
Published in Oil products

On an October Thursday we had an event in our Espoo HQ auditorium which is called News Hour. This is a monthly event arranged by Neste Oil's Business Intelligence where analysts and other specialists by invitation share their market view. The outlook covers macroeconomics, renewable fuels and oil product market, and operative update of our own refineries. Last time's visiting presentation was about our technological competitive environment in renewable fuels' sector. This monthly one hour session gives comprehensive and analytical update on our business environment. The presenters have a phenomenal skill to explain complex issues like for example euro crises or gasification technology in an understandable and gripping way. The auditorium was packed! Though biggest thanks belong to the four wise men on stage, it is a small win for business intelligence as well; my colleagues are interested, they want to keep up-to-date about the business environment and how we are doing.

Our 2012 personnel survey shows our people are engaged and committed to their work. They feel they have a possibility to professional development, cooperation works and safety culture is well implemented. Due to many, I'm sure, but also those just mentioned reasons, the message of Neste Oil being a great employer has evidently spread out - our employer image has improved. This is good. It takes each and every one of Neste Oil employee to achieve the ambitious strategic target to become the preferred partner for cleaner traffic fuel solution.

Continuous changes in business environment keeps Business Intelligence alert in analyzing opportunities and challenges. Our annual report will be published in the week beginning 4 March 2013 and there you'll find more facts and figures about our business environment for 2012.

At this point I want to thank our readers on my behalf for 2012 and hope to see many of you here in 2013 as well!

Leena Suoninen
Manager, Business Intelligence