Renewable fuels

Neste's partnerships in sustainable aviation

Neste and Air BP enter into innovative industry collaboration to support sustainable aviation fuel supply chain development
“We are very pleased that through our collaboration with Neste, an industry leader in this space, we will be able to continue to support our customers with their low carbon ambitions. The aviation industry’s carbon reduction targets can only be achieved with support from across the entire supply chain and, by bringing our experience and expertise together, we are looking to drive change by promoting and securing the supply of sustainable aviation fuel.”
Jon Platt, Chief Executive Officer, Air BP

Partnerships in sustainable aviation 

21 August 2018
Swiss authorities' decision leads to the cancellation of the Renewable Jet Fuel project in Geneva Airport

21 December 2017
Neste launches online hub to raise awareness about sustainable aviation solutions

12 December 2017
Neste is planning to build additional production capacity to Singapore


03 October 2017
Neste Green Hub is a new solution designed to decarbonize aviation


13 September 2017
Neste collaborates with Genève Aéroport to offer sustainable and renewable solutions for aviation


31 August 2017
Use of Neste MY Renewable Diesel at summer events in Finland reduced emissions by 24 flights around the world


24 August 2017
Helsinki Airport buses fuelled by Neste MY Renewable Diesel


31 May 2017
Finnish consumers have reduced emissions by an amount equaling 560 flights around the world using Neste MY Renewable Diesel


12 August 2016
22 January 2016

04 April 2012
Neste Oil joined aireg promoting the deployment of biofuels in aviation

15 March 2012
Neste Oil and Lufthansa satisfied with results of renewable aviation fuel trial

12 January 2012
Neste Oil's NExBTL renewable aviation fuel used for the first time on an intercontinental Lufthansa flight

20 October 2011
Neste Oil's NExBTL renewable aviation fuel technology wins top place at Biofuels 2011

15 July 2011
Lufthansa began regularly scheduled flights using Neste Oil's renewable aviation fuel

22 June 2011
Neste Oil commits itself to 2020 targets for aviation biofuels

17 June 2011
Neste Oil's renewable aviation fuel to be featured at the Paris Air Show