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Information for Nominee Registered Non-Finnish-Resident Shareholders

Information for Nominee Registered Non-Finnish-Resident Shareholders:

According to new guidance given by the Finnish Tax Administration ("FTA") stricter conditions will be applied to withholding tax rates below 15 % on dividends paid to nominee registered non-resident shareholders. If the withholding tax levied on your dividend has been less than 15 % in the past years based on the applicable double taxation treaty, due to new FTA guidance it is likely that you do not get the same double taxation treaty benefits at source this year.

If you are eligible for a lower withholding tax rate based on a double taxation treaty and a higher withholding tax is levied on your dividend, you can either apply for a so called quick refund from your custodian bank during the year of the dividend payment or you can apply for a withholding tax refund from FTA on a year following the dividend payment.

Link to new FTA guidance on nominee registered shareholders' withholding taxation:

Link to FTA guidance and forms on withholding tax refunds (individuals):