Our ambition is to become a global leader in renewable and circular solutions. Accelerating the shift to a circular economy requires innovation, commitment and partnerships. At Neste, we are continuously looking for partnerships with startups to accelerate the fight against climate change. 

What we are looking for

Neste Venturing invests in globally scalable renewable and circular solutions for transportation, chemicals, and beyond. We are focusing on scalable, sustainable raw materials and required technologies for their conversion to fuels, polymers and chemicals, and materials. We are also interested in digital solutions as enablers for sustainability transformation in our focus sectors.

The key interest areas of our investments support the development of new businesses for renewable and circular solutions. The development of new businesses at Neste takes place on the business platforms formed around scalable raw material pools, such as:

  • Lignocellulosics: Forestry and agricultural residues based fuels and chemicals
  • Algae: Cultivation of carbon dioxide absorbing microalgae
  • Municipal solid waste: Various fractions of municipal solid waste that currently cannot or are not recycled
  • Renewable hydrogen and Power-to-X: Combining carbon dioxide with green hydrogen to produce e-fuels and e-chemicals
  • Read more about future raw materials

We are looking for A and B round investments in promising startups. We assess investment opportunities based on four criteria: fit with Neste investment field, fundamental potential and scalability of the solution, capabilities of the team to drive development and growth, and early view on the investment case.

In addition to capital, we provide access to Neste capabilities (e.g. technology development, engineering, sustainability) and network of customers and partners.

Read more about our current portfolio.

Our team

Antti Ritala, Head of Venturing and Acquisition, Neste
Antti Ritala
Head of Venturing and Acquisitions
Antti is heading the venturing team at Neste Innovation. Previously, Antti was leading corporate strategy development at Neste and was also responsible for strategy deployment and market intelligence.

Contact: ventures(at)
Neste Sanjar Ibragimov
Sanjar Ibragimov
Senior Investment Manager
Sanjar is responsible for screening, running due diligence and negotiations with the selected venturing targets. Previously Sanjar worked as a corporate strategy development manager at Neste, focusing on such domains as renewable chemicals, renewable feedstock and sustainable aviation fuel.

Contact: ventures(at)