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Our current portfolio consists of companies whose technology accelerates new circular solutions and the fight against climate change.

Alterra Energy

Alterra Energy is a US-based company that has developed a proprietary thermochemical solution for liquefaction of hard-to-recycle plastic. In 2020, Neste made a minority investment in Alterra Energy. The collaboration includes joint technology development and global technology licensing, enabling the partners to collaborate in commercializing Alterra’s proprietary thermochemical liquefaction technology in Europe.

Recycling Technologies

In 2020, Neste made a minority stake in Recycling Technologies, a leading technology provider for chemical recycling of waste plastics. In addition, Neste signed a joint technology development agreement and an offtake agreement with Recycling Technologies. This will bring Neste’s know-how and extensive expertise in dealing with low-quality waste and residue raw materials into the collaboration aiming to accelerate the deployment of chemical recycling capacity in Europe.


German cleantech company Sunfire is a leading technology developer of high-temperature electrolysis technology. The company’s patented technology allows the production of renewable hydrogen as well as the direct conversion of water and CO2 into raw material for petrochemical products. In 2020, Neste madea minority stake in Sunfire. Sunfire provides the high-temperature electrolyzer to Neste’s renewable products refinery in Rotterdam as part of the MultiPLHY project collaboration.


ECBF is a venture fund exclusively focused on the bioeconomy and the circular bioeconomy in Europe. In 2020, Neste madea limited partnership investment in ECBF and is supporting Europe's transition to a more sustainable economy and society.The role of fund investments for Neste is to provide access to dealflow, co-investments, and learning.