Senior Shift Technician

'Difference Maker'


Maru thrives on learning new things and gaining new experiences. For this exact reason, he decided to join Neste five years ago, to expand his knowledge on new technologies revolutionising the petrochemical industry. Even now, as a Senior Shift Technician, Maru still feels that he is learning something new every day, and truly enjoys the process. “I like how the company supports the personal growth of its employees and constantly encourages us to pick up new skills with development opportunities such as courses and training,” he says.


When asked about what other aspects of the job he liked, Maru shared how Neste places great importance on safety, especially because of its high risk environment. He emphasised, “Neste’s number one priority is safety. We have stringent measures in place to ensure the well-being of all employees, no matter their line of work.”


In addition, Maru feels that the company has a collaborative culture that supports open and transparent discussions. “Communication across all levels is highly encouraged - unfortunately not a culture which all organisations successfully embody. Whenever there is a problem, we work together with the managers to find the root cause. We do not blame each other, and instead, work together to find a solution, such as implementing countermeasures to prevent the issue from happening again.”


It’s no secret that Maru really enjoys his time at Neste - he even recently recommended his friend to apply for a job, and join him! He shares more of his thoughts below:


Q: 12.   What are your close friends and family’s impression of your job at Neste?

A: They are really curious about what I do at Neste! I tell them that we produce renewable diesel, and they are interested in how we create useful products from waste material. My children are also proud of me - they like that I am contributing to a healthier planet.


Q: Can you share one standout memory from your time at Neste?

A: It was definitely the time when I had to go to Finland for a training programme, where I observed and learned about the new system at the automation centre in Neste’s headquarters. It was my first time in the country and I was far away from my family and friends, but I had a great time. My colleagues took good care of me during the 3 weeks I was there, and I had the opportunity to interact and work closely with a diverse team. It was a good memory indeed, and while I learned a lot, I also thoroughly enjoyed myself.