Raymond Chia

Health, Safety, Environment & Quality Engineer

'Difference Maker'


It was a fresh and eye-opening experience for Raymond when he entered the safety industry five years ago. “It was my first job,” said the chemical engineering graduate. “I was inspired by my (then) mentor to forge a career in this industry.”

Now, Raymond Chia is a Health, Safety, Environment & Quality engineer with Neste, specialising in fire and occupational safety.

“My role primarily involves making sure that emergency procedures are in place, ensuring that all the equipment work properly, supporting the operating functions of the refinery, and conducting inspections around the plant,” shares Raymond. “It’s a fast paced job but a good learning experience.”

On how Neste contributes to Singapore, Raymond explains, “The product that we develop here is so niche – not many people in Singapore know about it, let alone Asia! The renewable diesel we produce can put Singapore on the map as the leading driver of renewable energy and sustainability in the region.”

He shares more of his thoughts below:


Q: Can you share with us one standout memory from your time at Neste?

A: I was empowered to be the safety lead for last year’s turnaround, a 60-day period whereby the plant shuts down so that maintenance and repair work can be carried out. It was no small task – the planning for the turnaround started months before it took place, which I was heavily involved in. My team and colleagues trusted me and worked tirelessly alongside me to ensure that the turnaround was completed without any problems. While it became a challenging period of time for me, I’m grateful for such an eye-opening experience. At the end of the day, I am extremely proud of what I accomplished.


Q: What are your close friends and family’s impression of your job at Neste?

A: My family and friends used to have the impression that I work in a dangerous environment – given that I’m surrounded by volatile elements and chemicals. In the early days, I had to constantly reassure them that I am certified to carry out my job safely and that Neste believes in, and is committed to, the safety of their employees. Now, they’re much less worried and more proud that I’m able to play a small part in making a real change in the world.