Taufiq Affandi

Laboratory Lead Technician

'Difference Maker'


Ever wanted to make a lasting impact at your organisation, one that would affect everyone who will ever seek employment there? Well, Laboratory Lead Technician Taufiq Affandi can testify that he’s actually done so at Neste. “10 years ago I was sent to Finland as part of a pioneer batch of lab technicians for training. When we came back, we had to set up the lab from scratch, and train all who would join our ranks. Today, the Standard Operating Procedures that my team and I developed back then are still being adhered to”, beams a proud Taufiq.

It was a chance encounter with his ex-boss that pointed him towards the opening at Neste, after having spent 7 years in the pharmaceutical industry developing medicines. The opportunity to be part of the team tasked to build the lab from the ground up, and to work on a unique product with a very prominent “green” aspect, were the main factors that led him to put pen to paper and join Neste. “I used to help people by developing medicinal treatments in my old role, now I’m helping to save the world with Neste’s renewable diesel. Plus, I don’t have to journey to Jurong Island for work anymore!”

Taufiq is also keenly aware of the important role that Neste plays in Singapore. “Singapore has long been a hub for raw materials, oil and gas,” he muses. “Now, in line with the “go green” movement, Singapore harbours ambitions to become a hub for renewables and Neste is helping our nation further that agenda.” The company’s emphasis on continual development and good work culture also helps Taufiq to feel that he’s part of something much larger.

He shares more of his thoughts below:


Q: What do your close friends and family think about your job at Neste?

A: Only my dad and friends know what I actually do, because they too are working in the same, if not similar field, as I am. Unfortunately, my mother is not entirely sure of what I do, and thinks that it’s high-risk in nature. I constantly have to reassure her that I’ve all the necessary safety certificates, and that there are stringent safety standards in place to keep myself and everyone else safe.


Q: If you had a message for potential Neste employees, what would it be?

 A: I would say to them that Neste operates with a flat hierarchy - upper management is always fair and treats everyone equally. The remuneration and benefits are comparable to, and as competitive as, other sectors such as pharmaceuticals. Lastly, the end product that we develop here has to potential to revolutionize the world - if you join Neste, you’ll be part of something much bigger.