Wicky Wijaya

Procurement Manager

'Difference Maker'


Life took an unpredictable turn for Wicky Wijaya, when he found out that his first employer would be restructuring the department.

“I started my career as a Development engineer who designed appliances for an electronics company for five years when I realised that our department was in danger of moving off shore,” recalls Wicky. “I decided to diversify my experience and applied for a procurement position outside of the organisation and 24 years later, here I am with Neste in a procurement role!”

Wicky’s early years as an engineer equipped him with the technical knowledge that would give him an edge for his subsequent switch to procurement. “While my technical skills were not the most portable, my background as an engineer provided me with the knowledge to liaise with suppliers, developers and purchasers since I was already familiar with the trade,” he shares.

After almost 10 years in procurement for the oil and gas sector, Wicky joined Neste. He was offered the chance to work in procurement and to build, manage, and lead a team tasked with purchasing what the plant needed – from safety equipment to chemicals to industrial components. It was an opportunity too good to pass up, so he took it.

Wicky also revels in his role as a mentor to younger employees. “The combination of age-old experience and new blood that is more familiar with modern procurement methods is vital to surviving today’s business environment,” he muses.

He shares more thoughts below:


Q: How does your career at Neste stand out from your previous jobs?

A: What we do is unique - turning used cooking oil and animal fat into renewable diesel with the help of our process. We are doing something truly remarkable at Neste, all while helping strengthen Singapore’s position as a renewables hub!


Q: If you had a message for potential Neste employees, what would it be?

A: We are here to stay. Neste is building a plant extension and has a long term commitment to Singapore for the next half a century. If you want to be a part of something special and build and grow your career at the same time, there is no better place than Neste.