Neste Singapore Refinery - Panel view

Safety in Asia Pacific

Safety in Asia Pacific

At Neste, Safety is at the core of everything we do. This also applies to all our entities, partners, contractors, suppliers and employees in the Asia Pacific region. 

By putting into place various health, safety, security, environment and quality related policies and rules, we aim to achieve no harm together. This means: 

  • ​ Everyone who works at Neste, either as Neste’s employees or Neste’s contractors and partners, we will go home safely everyday the same way we come to work; 
  •  Our Singapore refinery is able to achieve its maximum availability and reliability at the same time to ensure process safety management are never compromised; 
  •  Our Singapore Expansion Project can be completed safely and on schedule despite  disruptions of Covid-19; 
  •  And we can operate in the Asia Pacific region without creating any harmful impact to the environment that we are living in. 

By achieving these goals, we will be able to live in Neste’s purpose, which is to create a healthier planet for our children.