Neste People in Singapore giving back to the societies


At Neste, We Care, We have courage and We Cooperate are the core values that constantly drive our people forward. Most importantly, we keep the environment, society and the generations to come in mind while being responsible for driving a successful business.

And sometimes, doing good and giving back to the communities can come in many forms. Here we look at two employee stories and find out how they are the true embodiments of Neste spirit.  

Football for Charity in Batam, Indonesia 

Azlan Bin Abu Said, Operations TA and Project Coordinator at Neste Singapore has been working with a charity in Batam, Indonesia to raise funds through friendly football matches  with local teams and recreational activities to reach out to orphanage homes and families that need support either due to poverty or calamity.

In February 2023, the match that Azlan organized helped 60 underprivileged families and a local orphanage (around SGD $1,000 was raised) to buy basic necessities such as rice, cooking oil, flour and more. 

The players from Neste contributed to an individual package on their own expenses, including accommodation, transportation, food and most importantly, the fund to purchase the basic necessities for those in need. Besides contribution, one of our colleagues, Ang Yeok Chong, Maintenance Coordinator also collected clothes donations for the orphanage.

These football games are just one of the charity events that Azlan organised in Batam. He’s planning to hold more sports and leisure activities locally, and even work with the charities to build a school in remote areas offering free education to the underprivileged children through continuous fundraising and donations. 

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Financial education courses for migrant domestic workers in Singapore 

Luca Bertarelli, Finance Business Partner at Neste Singapore started volunteering at a non-profit organization in Singapore since 2020 that offers courses to migrant domestic workers in money management, communication, computer and entrepreneurship. It’s common that the notion of financial planning is not prevalent among the migrant workers and oftentimes they might be mis-handling their assets or worse, subjected to financial crimes.

Luca conducts one-time courses such as ‘Understanding debt’ and ‘Introduction to financial education’, as well as lessons like ‘Business Operations’ that span across six months, targeting those foreign domestic workers who want to set up their own business.

On top of the regular lessons that Luca gives, he also taught a three-evening class on financial literacy in 2022 at a shelter in Singapore where foreign domestic workers are hosted while waiting to attend trials due to ongoing issues with their employers, which need a court to decide on. 

“It is extremely meaningful to me, knowing that I’m creating a positive impact on the domestic workers’ financial choices, which can be beneficial to them in the short and long run,” Luca shared.

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