Neste Singapore Expansion Project Distributes Masks to All Workers Onsite for safety and Comfort

To celebrate the continuous solid safety performance of our Singapore Expansion Project, Neste has ordered 10,000 reusable face masks to be distributed to people who work on site, including all migrant workers. Safety and comfort were the main criterias when selecting and purchasing the masks. 


Migrant worker's testimony regarding mask distribution
My Name is Shuvo Shawan, I am from Bangladesh. I arrived in Singapore on 13 March this year, and start working on this project as a general worker. It is my first time working abroad, and so far, I really like Singapore and this project, because I feel very safe here.

I am very happy to get this mask from the project. Comparing to other masks I have, this one is the most comfortable one when working outdoors. So I take good care of it.

The majority of people who work for our Singapore Expansion Project on site need to work outdoors under the sun, at the same time wearing safety goggles and other personal protective equipment. If the mask does not fit, it can make breathing difficult, and cause fog to the safety goggles. The latter can potentially lead to safety incidents.

Taking these safety and comfort factors into consideration, Neste compared different mask options in the market, and identified one brand, which is able to address the both needs mentioned above.  

Migrant workers attending SIC training


From 23 February until now, over 3100 masks have been distributed to people who work on site with the majority being migrant workers. Moving forward, whenever new persons come on board, they will receive the mask after completing the Site Safety Induction Course.