Welcome to Neste APAC Innovation Center!

First announced the intent to establish the APAC Innovation Center in Singapore in 2021, the first Research & Development center outside of Finland is fully operational from April 2023 onwards. The office space has been up and running at full speed since August 2022, followed by the completion of our state of the art laboratory starting from April 2023. 

At Neste, the most important component to our success is the raw materials. We convert 100% waste and residues such as used cooking oil and waste animal fats into renewable products like sustainable aviation fuel to support the world’s green transition. 

As demands for renewable and circular solutions continue to grow, it’s our priority to expand the raw materials pool to ensure sustainable supply. 

This is where the functionalities of the Feedstock & Pretreatment team and the Analytics team at our APAC Innovation Center come into play, strengthening our innovation capabilities globally while driving collaboration with partners in Asia Pacific. 

Let’s meet the brilliant teams and find out what they do.  

Headed up by Sujandi Zhou, the Feedstock & Pretreatment team develops advanced purification and pre-treatment technologies to drive the expansion of the renewable raw materials pool, allowing the inclusion of more challenging and difficult-to-treat materials to be converted into renewable and low carbon products.

Led by Kimmo Hakala, the Analytics team specializes in the characterization of renewable raw materials and solutions for both chemical and elemental compositions. This is crucial in determining the suitability of feedstock for production as well as in developing and optimizing advanced purification competence. 

We are very excited for the journey ahead and what we can achieve together!