The production of renewable products at the Rotterdam refinery in the Netherlands started in 2011. Neste’s current 1.4 million ton capacity for renewable products in Rotterdam is the largest in Europe. The Rotterdam refinery expansion investment of approximately EUR 1.9 billion will expand Neste’s overall renewable product capacity by 1.3 million tons per annum, bringing the total renewable product capacity in Rotterdam to 2.7 million tons annually, of which sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production capability will be 1.2 million tons. The company’s target is to start up the new production unit during the first half of 2026.

Port of Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe

The refinery is located in the Maasvlakte area, in the Port of Rotterdam. The location of the refinery is a big asset to us, as the Port of Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe and a hub of product and raw material flows.
Rotterdam is also located close to Neste's important market areas and customers. The location provides good opportunities for collaborating with chemical plants in the area.