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Porvoo refinery

Porvoo refinery  concentrates in production on premium-quality, low-emission traffic fuels. It has four production lines and more than 40 process units. In production there are more than 150 products and product components.

  • Came on stream in 1965. Three new process units have been built in the 2000’s, production line 4  for producing diesel and two units for production of renewable NEXBTL diesel. Altogether these  investments amounted approximately almost to 1 billion euros.
  • The refinery has a VHVI unit that produces 250,000 t/a base oils for top-tier lubricants
  • One of Europe’s most advanced and versatile refineries
  • So-called complex refinery, its versatile cracking capacity enables the broad production structure and enhances the value of production
  • Refining capacity of approx. 200,000 bbl/d and produces some 12 million tons of petroleum products a year
  • 7 million m3 of crude and product storage capacity
  • Finland’s largest port in terms of volume of cargo throughput. 20–23 million tons of crude oil and  petroleum products pass through the harbour annually
  • Porvoo refinery is situated in the Kilpilahti industrial area, some 30 kilometres east of Helsinki. The  industrial area employs 3500 persons, approx. 1900 of which work for Neste Oil.