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Sustainable safety and quality

We continuously develop renewable and circular solutions for a variety of industries. Hygienic, safe and convenient storage and presentation of goods is a task for food and beverage packaging that requires materials to meet the strictest quality standards. Products created with Neste RE are of identical quality to those made from virgin fossil-based raw materials.

Reaching the industry’s high standards

Plastics play an essential role in the food and beverage industry, offering safe and hygienic storage and distribution to maintain product quality and minimize waste of goods, and a convenient way to present the products. As the demand for more sustainable packaging solutions is constantly rising, Neste RE enables the production of high-quality plastics with reduced climate impact. 

Neste RE is made of 100% recycled and renewable materials. It helps to cut the need for virgin fossil oil in the production of plastics. It is also ready to use in the existing production infrastructures for food and beverage packaging.

Neste RE is a pure, high-quality feedstock that can safely be used in polymers production, even for sensitive and high performance plastic applications. Furthermore, it is suitable for reuse and recycling similarly to traditional plastics.