Automotive: drop-in solution for more sustainable plastics

The automotive industry is undergoing a transformation to more sustainable manufacturing, lower emissions and more environmentally friendly carbon footprints of their products. Given their lightweight and versatile properties, plastics play an increasing role in the automotive industry. 

Automotive Industry

Pedal to the metal towards sustainability

By now, an average car comes with 200 kg of plastics*. How can this be made more sustainable? One answer is Neste RE. For brands and manufacturers looking for more sustainable alternatives, it offers a solution to accelerate the transition towards circularity.

Neste RE is made of 100% renewable and recycled materials, cutting the reliance on fossil crude oil in the production of plastics. Ready to use within the existing production infrastructure, it allows for a gradual switch to more sustainable materials. Most importantly, products made with Neste RE are of identical quality to those made from conventional fossil materials: they are safe to use, come with the same properties and are eligible for sensitive applications - yet, they come with reduced climate impact. 

First existing automotive applications with Neste RE include the interior trim of a door as well as dashboards. 

* Chemistry and Automobiles, American Chemistry Council, 2023,


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