Medical applications: sustainability in healthcare

Admission processes for new products make it difficult to introduce more sustainable alternatives for medical plastic applications? It doesn’t have to be complicated if our drop-in solution Neste RETM is used.

High-quality plastics play a crucial role in medical applications. Yet, strict demands on hygiene, safety and performance make it challenging to replace existing solutions with more sustainable alternatives. Neste RE offers an alternative for crude oil based plastics, while maintaining all the benefits of the products such as quality and safety - and meeting the quality specifications for plastics used in the healthcare sector. 

Medical RPC

Neste RE is made of 100% renewable and recycled materials, cutting the reliance on fossil crude oil in the production of plastics. Ready to use within the existing production infrastructure, it allows for a gradual switch to more sustainable materials. Most importantly, products made with Neste RE are of identical quality to those made from conventional fossil materials: they are safe to use, come with the same properties and are eligible for sensitive applications - yet, they come with reduced climate impact.