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Welcome to Neste Base Oils Insights. We aim to be your trusted source of industry information and guide you on your journey through the world of base oils. Here you will find the latest industry news and insights on sustainability and renewables – as seen by our experts.

Are you interested in what the base oil industry can do to make transportation more sustainable and combat climate change? Or do you want to know about the latest base oil developments and what goes into the highest quality base oils? We invite you to dive into our content.

Base Oils blog articles

Base Oils

Guest blog: How do we combine performance with sustainability to move a whole industry forward?

We have tied performance, safety and a positive environmental impact together in one product that is made from 100% renewable raw materials. And Alejandra Norén, our Head of Partners Management from Neste Renewable Polymers and Chemicals business unit, goes on a tour of its benefits.

Multisol & Neste: A strong partnership creates a good foundation to meet evolving market demands

What is the value of a successful long-term partnership? David Hopkinson - CEO of Multisol - and Ed Potter - Head of Speciality Products at Neste - sat down virtually for a discussion about two decades of working together and the key requirements that need to be met to be ready for current and future challenges.

What is the true value of dedicated customer service?

The true value of customer service cannot be overstated - especially in challenging times. In this blog, our Customer Service Manager, Tom Kustermans, shines a light on how we ensure its world-class quality.

Guest blog: Our sustainable approach to the future of oil refining

The refining industry will play a key role in enabling this low-carbon future, moving from traditional oil refining to production of renewable fuels and circular solutions. How do we at Neste ensure that we can make our customers’ business thrive in a changing environment?

Plus base oils will create opportunities for cooperation in the market

Do plus base oils answer a market requirement and how will they influence it in the near future? Our new Q&A session with Chris Castanien provides a closer look on this subject.

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