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A more sustainable future for children: Twin Rivers Unified School District shifts gears to using Neste MY Renewable Diesel for school buses

In northern Sacramento County, California, Twin Rivers Unified School District proudly serves over 26,000 students who come from families that speak 46 different languages. In addition to its commitment to ensuring all students are ready for college and career pathways, the district also strives to support the health and well-being of them. In October 2020, Twin Rivers achieved a major milestone in its climate action plan by switching 75 diesel-powered school buses to run on renewable diesel fuel provided by Neste, making its fleet one of the cleanest in the country.

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As most school districts in California, we are doing whatever we can to help control greenhouse gas emissions and have a clean running, sustainable fleet.
-- Tim Shannon, Director of Transportation, Twin Rivers Unified School District   


Since switching to Neste MY Renewable Diesel, Twin Rivers and Neste have kept 523 metric tons of CO2 out of the atmosphere each year, which is equal to planting 8,648 trees.

All it took for Twin Rivers to start creating a healthier, more sustainable future for the children and communities was to switch from fossil to renewable diesel.

Easy to Switch 

“The switch from conventional diesel to renewable diesel is completely painless. You don’t have to change any of the components in the vehicles, you don’t have to change anything in the pumps. Everything is completely compatible.”
-- Daniel Beam, Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor 

Lower Maintenance Cost 

“Since switching to renewable diesel, we have noticed fewer maintenance costs and parts replacement. As this fuel is a cleaner fuel, it does not cost as much oil pollution, so our engine oil is going further.” 
-- Daniel Beam, Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor 

Doing the Right Thing 

“I am energized that we can actually make a difference and see a difference. With running a completely sustainable and alternative fuel operation, we know that we are doing something for the planet and for the people on the planet.”
-- Tim Shannon, Director of Transportation 

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It's something that allows us to make a difference without making a huge change. So Neste is a good partner in that way.
-- Tim Shannon, Director of Transportation



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