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Improving safety and operational excellence enables us to achieve our strategic targets. Safety has high importance for us, and is one of the cornerstones of our daily work.

For us, safety means excellence in risk management. It is about the existence and effectiveness of all safety barriers that help mitigate risks and prevent incidents. We are determined to protect people and the environment as well as our operations, assets, information and brand from any harm. We believe this can be achieved when everyone is truly committed to improving safety. We understand the hazards related to our operations and have developed excellent ways to evaluate and manage risks.

We strive to learn from experience and continuously improve our capabilities to understand and manage safety hazards. With cooperation we will achieve our target of ‘No harm. Together.’ 

Neste safety

Neste’s Operation Excellence Management System is a comprehensive and integrated system to manage process safety, personal health & safety, environment, quality, reliability and efficiency. Our aim is to be among the world’s best when it comes to safety. Operations Excellence management system consists of OEMS policy and 15 principles. Our Operations Excellence is executed and continuously improved according to our Operations Excellence Governance model. 

Operations excellence governance model

We follow and evaluate our safety performance with different safety indicators. Key performance indicators for evaluating our safety performance are PSER (Process Safety Events Rate), TRIF (Total Recordable Injury Frequency) and Safe Days. This unique measurement was developed in 2015 to concretely indicate a safe day – a day without injuries, process safety events, environmental incidents, fire incidents, chemical leaks, traffic accidents or marine safety incidents. Our safety reporting covers refineries, terminals, offices, and retail country companies that are either fully or majority-owned by Neste. In addition to our employees, safety reporting also covers our service providers, contractors, and logistics partners.

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