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Materiality assessment

Understanding the views and expectations of our stakeholders plays a crucial role in the success of our company and the acceptability of our operations. In order to identify what topics we should particularly focus on in our sustainability efforts, we conduct a materiality assessment once every two years by engaging our key stakeholders

The most recent assessment was conducted in spring 2018. It identified nine material topics that create the frame of our sustainability agenda. The materiality matrix describes these key sustainability topics from the point of view of our business operations and stakeholders. 

Our materiality matrix 

Neste materiality matrix 2018

The most material topics for Neste were identified based on their relevance to our business, stakeholders, and estimated magnitude of their impacts. The assessment clarified our view of needing to continue to invest in the development of new renewable products, management and transparency of the company's supply chains, as well as safety and incident-free operation.

The next materiality assessment will be conducted in 2020.