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A climate quantum leap for air travel

Powering flights out of  San Francisco International Airport with sustainable aviation fuel

It has been a year since San Francisco International Airport (SFO), one of the world’s busiest airports, received its first gallons of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) from Neste. Today, more than 1 million gallons of SAF have entered into the airport. . 

Everything started from SFO’s ambitious goal to become the first triple zero airport  - reaching not only zero-net carbon but also zero-net energy and zero landfill waste. By partnering up with Neste, SFO has made a “climate quantum leap” towards its goal and become one of the first major airports in the country to enable a continuous supply of SAF for all commercial, cargo and private aircraft operators, including major airlines like Alaska Airlines, American Airlines and JetBlue Airways.

What you will learn in this case study:

  • How a “first of its kind” agreement was established to include fuel suppliers, airlines, and airport agencies in a collaborative effort to accelerate the transition to SAF at SFO.
  • The seamless introduction of SAF into SFO’s existing jet fuel supply chain - from refinery to pipeline to airport fuel supply to aircraft, and how that demonstrates SAF’s unique role as a “today” solution that works safely with existing engines and infrastructure. 
  • How the Neste circular economy works and helps SFO achieve its climate goals.
  • The significant growth potential for renewable fuels in the aviation market and Neste’s plan to increase the availability of SAF. 

Read the full case study: 

PDF icon A Climate Quantum Leap - SFO & Neste Case Study

“Partnerships like this show us that working closely with our partners in the aviation community with the support of governments and key stakeholders to facilitate and pave the way for sustainable aviation fuels will play a significant role in minimizing and mitigating the environmental impacts of aviation towards a net zero future.”

-- Luis Felipe de Oliveira, Director General, Airport Council International