Neste in Singapore and Asia Pacific

Singapore is the hub of Neste’s commercial activities in Asia Pacific region, mainly in feedstock supply. Currently, Neste is sourcing various types of renewable raw materials from about 14 countries in the region. 

The feedstock Neste sources in Asia Pacific are mainly supporting the Singapore refinery, which produces exclusively renewable products since 2010. In 2019, Singapore Refinery produced about 1.3 million tons of renewable diesel. 

Currently, Neste is expanding its production capacity in Singapore with additional capacity up to 1.3 million tons per annum, which will bring the total global renewable product capacity close to 4.5 million tons annually in 2023. 



Neste hires over 300 employees in Singapore and Asia Pacific. Besides Singapore, Neste also has offices in Shanghai, China and Melbourne, Australia mainly for feedstock supply and feedstock growth. 

Neste Singapore Expansion Project

At the end of 2018, Neste Corporation made the final investment decision on additional renewable products production capacity in Singapore. The extended refinery will be in operation in 2022.

The Outrage + Optimism podcast and Neste join forces

How can we make a sustainable transport sector not only possible, but economically desirable? That’s what the Outrage + Optimism podcast sets out to answer in their new miniseries The Future of Transport, sponsored by Neste.

We take care of our employees and people around us against Covid-19

Since Covid-19 started spreading in Singapore, Neste has been providing support to its employees and people around us, so everyone stays safe and healthy

We produce the world's cleanest diesel

Our Singapore refiner produces up to 90% lower GHG emissions compared to conventional diesel over its life cycle.

We invest 1.4 billion euros to expand the capacity of our refinery in Singapore

Neste is expanding its refinery in Singapore to increase our overall production capacity by up to 1.3 million tons per annum. In 2022, when the expanded refinery starts operations, the capacity of our total renewable products globally could reach 4.5 million tons annually.

We helped to reduce global car emissions by 9.6m metric tons

In 2019, Neste's renewable products helped our customers to make a staggering reduction in global climate emissions.

We use up to 80% waste materials in our renewable fuels

Neste is the world's largest renewable diesel producer. We turn 10 types of globally sourced wastes and residues such as waste animal fat, residues from vegetable oil, used cooking oil, into high quality renewable products.