Neste Singapore

Neste is committed to and passionate about leaving a healthier planet for our children. We aim to do more with less every single day. As we continue to pioneer developments in the oil industry, we keep rethinking conventional models. We are already the world’s largest producer of renewable diesel, but we are not resting on our laurels. We are also continually creating sustainable new businesses beyond the fuel market.
Our Tuas refinery produces the world’s cleanest renewable diesel, that has up to 90% lower GHG emissions compared to conventional diesel over its life cycle. This year, we have decided to expand our production capability in Singapore. 

Join us on an exciting journey to make a difference for our climate and for our future!


Discover the power of Neste to create a healthier planet. We are expanding in Singapore and looking to hire 100 difference makers across various departments.

We are the world's 3rd most sustainable company

For the second time, Neste is in the Top 3 of the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations list. This also marks our 13th consecutive inclusion on the list - longer than any other energy company.

We produce the world's cleanest diesel

Our Singapore refiner produces up to 90% lower GHG emissions compared to conventional diesel over its life cycle.

We will invest $2bn to build a new refinery in Tuas

Neste is building a second refinery to increase our overall production capacity by up to 1.3 million tons. From 2022 our total renewable fuels production in Singapore could reach 4.5 million tons annually.

We helped to reduce global car emissions by 7.9m metric tons

In 2018, Neste's renewable fuels helped to make a staggering reduction in global climate emissions - equivalent to the removal of 3 million passenger cars from the roads.

We use up to 80% waste materials in our renewable fuels

Neste is the world's largest biofuels player with regards to the circular economy. We recycle waste from the food industry such as animal fat, residues from vegetable oil processing and used cooking oil.

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