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Leading the process industry to a safe and sustainable future

The world is full of production plants that are not even remotely as efficient as they could be. NAPCON strives to make processes more efficient and sustainable. We are a strongly growing part of Neste leading the process industry to a safe and sustainable future. Our deep cooperation with Neste has given us in-depth knowledge of the process industry and ample experience of operating in high risk environments.

Unique Series of Digital Solutions for Process Industry

NAPCON developed by Neste Engineering Solutions introduces a wide range of innovative solutions to enhance your production ranging from advanced process automation solutions to training solutions for operators through simulators and games. The dedicated solutions based on extensive process know-how and modern software engineering fulfil your needs in the areas of availability, production optimization, quality, energy efficiency and safety. NAPCON manages industrial processes and increases the efficiency of operations through the newest digital solutions: NAPCON Understand, Improve & Train.

Our solutions take advantage of business operations, production management and combine it with automation, simulation and software expertise. 

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