Technology Co-Development

From Innovative Idea to Commercial Success

Your new technology is more likely to succeed commercially with the right experience and resources behind it. Besides R&D, you need modelling, conceptual process design and multidisciplinary engineering. Close collaboration with us can help bring a good idea into profitable commercial production quickly, with careful attention to cost, safety and environment. The outcome is an optimized and mature process concept.

We can take you through all the phases of process design, plant engineering, start-up, and even licensing to other customers – the whole development project from beginning to end.

Co-development saves time and money. Your research work is sharper, market entry comes earlier without unnecessary piloting, and you can use our experience, know-how and innovation to enhance your research. You have less risk, because our expertise will provide you with understanding for more precise process design and HSE awareness is built in from the start. Our in-house data banks, simulation software, and technical competence, earned from a long, proven track record, focus testing and reduce development obstacles and in addition, access to our network links with universities, research institutes and commercial organizations ensure you have the best external resources at your fingertips.