Benefits of using Neste RE: replace fossil resources, reduce GHG emissions

Neste is collaborating with industry forerunners to produce plastics from renewable and recycled materials. Neste’s product Neste RE can be used to produce climate-friendlier polymers, either as is or together with fossil oil based feedstock. These polymers can then be used to produce more sustainable products and offerings.

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Renewable and recycled

Neste RE is a product that doesn't contain virgin fossil oil. It consists 100% of renewable and recycled material that can be used to reduce the need for fossil based material in the production of polymers and chemicals. 

Drop-in solution

Neste RE is a drop-in replacement to commonly used fossil feedstock in the production of new plastic. It is suitable for current production infrastructures and can be used to produce climate-friendlier polymers either on its own or together with fossil oil based feedstock. Materials produced with Neste RE are of high quality - identical to traditional plastic. Neste RE can be safely used in a wide variety of applications.

Accelerating circularity

As Neste RE is produced of bio-based waste and residues and chemically-recycled plastic waste, it contributes to circular economy. Upgrading plastic waste into high-quality polymers and new plastic products reduces the need to tap into virgin fossil raw materials. Using waste as a raw material helps the plastics industry to close the loop.

Combating plastic pollution

With Neste RE, companies can introduce recycled content into their high-quality products. These new life cycles to plastic waste also help contribute to combating plastic pollution. We can work towards preventing plastics from entering the environment as litter through creating value and new uses for plastic waste streams that are currently not recycled.

Climate-friendlier products

Neste RE is a climate friendlier alternative to products based on virgin fossil oil. Reducing fossil oil dependency and consumption provide clear and measurable climate benefits. Replacing fossil oil based feedstock with Neste RE from renewable raw materials can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the end products. In fact, a life cycle assessment (LCA) study conducted by Neste and critically reviewed by an external panel of experts shows that the use of 100% renewable Neste RE reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by more than 85% when replacing fossil feedstock.


Materials produced with Neste RE are suitable for reuse and recycling after use similarly to traditional plastic. This helps increase circularity of plastics to reduce landfilling and incineration of this valuable material.