Our products cover the needs of the most demanding users on and off road, as well as on water and in the air.

Renewable Road Transport

Neste MY Renewable Diesel™ reduces GHG emissions up to 90% compared to fossil diesel. The fuel is an existing solution for reducing the climate impact of road transport - today.

Renewable Aviation

Neste MY Renewable Jet Fuel™ reduces GHG emissions up to 80% compared to fossil fuels. It gives an immediate solution for reducing the direct carbon emissions of flying.

Renewable polymers and chemicals

Our renewable hydrocarbons can help replace crude oil based materials in various chemical industry's applications, such as in the production of renewable solvents and bio-based plastics.

Renewable raw materials

Neste's proprietary NEXBTL technology enables the use of almost any waste fat or vegetable oil in the production of Neste MY Renewable Diesel and other renewable products.

Base Oils

Our extensive NEXBASE™ formulation portfolio is created for our customers to provide the best lubrication solutions for OEMs, motorists, and other users.