PtX - fuels from water and carbon dioxide

Replacing fossil fuels and petroleum-based products with renewables is one of the greatest challenges facing mankind.

There is no single solution to this problem, partly because the scale is so vast. Many viable alternatives are being pursued, such as producing fuels and materials from forestry residues, waste or algae to substitute the current volume of petroleum-based fuels powering the world. There is also a completely different approach currently being pursued: Power-to-X technologies. 

Making fuels from renewable electricity and CO2 with Power-to-X

Making fuels from renewable electricity and CO2 with Power-to-X

Power-to-X technologies enable the conversion of the increasing volumes of renewable electricity into hydrogen, other fuels and even chemicals and materials, making it compatible for applications where direct electrification is challenging.

The key technology in Power-to-X is electrolysis, where hydrogen, that has the highest energy per mass of all fuels on earth and burns 100% emission free, is produced from water using electricity. When using electricity from renewable sources, such as wind or solar power, the technology can be used to produce renewable hydrogen. This can be used as such or synthesized with carbon dioxide to produce liquid or gaseous carbon containing fuels.

This technology will enable us to convert fully to renewable energy, with minimal changes to current transport, heating and industrial infrastructure. By using industrial CO2 emissions as feedstock, Power-to-X technologies can turn a problem into a solution.



This electrochemical process enables us to make materials from renewable electricity and CO2 emissions. 

Our dedicated Power-to-X business platform is globally searching for partners and technologies in this area.