Tall Oil Bioproducts


Crude tall oil (CTO), a side product from chemical pine pulping, is one answer to the growing demand for renewables. Using our innovative on purpose technology comprising of integrated drying, depitching and distillation solutions will help you fully utilize this feedstock. The NEXPINUSTM process has maximum separation efficiency and produces a wide range of high-quality crude tall oil grades that can be adjusted for further processing and their final use in end products such as soaps, alkydresins, adhesives, ink solvents and fuels.

Our design is based on accurate modelling of undesired chemical reactions and flow patterns, thereby predicting correctly the yield and purity of your output. Reliable modelling, proven engineering solutions and built-in feedstock flexibility guarantee that your plant is operating as designed and anticipates superior quality products, high availability and easy operability. With your trustworthy production facility in operation, you can focus on developing your customer base and research into new sources and uses for tall oil.

NEXPINUS is feedstock flexible tall oil fractionation technology for superior quality products.


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